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This movie speaks to someone's inner feelings of artfulness. I wish I could animate and draw like that. I have feelings like that all the time, wishing I could make music videos that fit my music. It's an awesome testament to how far this guy has come, especially taking his battles to another platform. What about exploring what would happen if the stick figure found it's way to someone else's computer?

This... is epic.

Please make the actual movie/series.

I'd love to see the epicness this would become.

This movie defies rating in stars for a review.

because it's THAT AWESOME!

"Sorry, it's that time of the month." HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Voice acting was terriffic and it was funny as hell.

great job and keep em coming!

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Even better than BattleOn's mech game. It takes a lot of persuasive charictaristics in order to sway me off of that game. However, the recent updates and the mindboggling new graphics make me want to play this game FOREVER. If you have a mobile app for this game please either in development or open release please PM me. The soundtrack is also awesome and I'd love to contribute my songs as well. Very nice job and very well done.

This game could be so much better.

It has potential.

It has a generic background music, which actually suffices for such a simple game.

But there's NO SOUND!

If you polish it up and update the game with some sound, you've got a killer app on your hands.

Add sound, go to android, submit this as an app, and watch your revenues grow.

This would be a very nice game for the android platform.

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Sounds like it should be in something like Custom Robo.

I'm sorry but the vocals have this grating noise distortion that keeps me from rating this song thoroughly. Fix it and I will return for a more fair rating.

Obelion responds:

I think you actually mean that bass sound, cause the vocals are perfectly clean.

That noisy bass sound was done on purpose though. Sorry if you didnt like it.

The song is really good, however, it seems to be only rendering to one channel. People aren't going to seriously listen to it if it's only playing on the right side. Try re-rendering your song and submit again.

Sorry to burst your bubble.

Calibur1 responds:

Thank you for pointing this out, but it would appear that the mp3, i re-rendered it and when i previewed oon NG it only played through the one channel... the mp3 on my desktop plays both channels, but on NG it plays out one.... would you happen to know what's wrong with it?

I make tracks and circuits. Soon I hope to gut my Yamaha Keyboard and make it into a modular VST loader synth, meaning you can put VSTs into it.

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