2010-11-27 23:12:07 by mushu55t

The animator is TheFlashFrame.

He makes some good stuff, so I hope he can do well for us.

So here's the story again:

In 3514, A living metal mecha, or LMM was built. She was the first of her kind and as such was labelled LMMPT-001. Her name was Serina, but this was more than a name, it was an acronym. S.E.R.I.N.A. standing for Scientific Exploration in Realistic Intelligence and Neuranium Applications, she was no ordinary machine. She was made of turbidium, and therefore could reproduce and regenerate, but before she could carry out the SCMU tests and therefore carry out her true purpose, trouble arose in Arcanoc City. A gang opposing this new mecha had created their own series of robots, and Arcturus Arcanus, the head of Arcturus Robotics, was head of this new gang. Using his super powered robots, cyborgs, and armor suit troops, he tries to take down Serina. She, however, was NOT about to let that happen.

and the people in the team thus far now:

Me: Voice Actor: Daniel Arcanus
EyesADrift: Voice Actor: Arcturus Arcanus and CARLOS
Thomas Vo of Symphony of Specters: Compose
Queen0fHearts: Voice Actor: Serina
TheFlashFrame: Animator

ColdReaver has officially gone MIA so here is our new team.


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2010-11-28 00:02:28

For some reason, I have doubts about this.


2010-12-05 23:03:18

why's that rockyusa?


2011-06-23 17:56:37

good luck! And if ya need any help (but it sounds like ya got it covered) jus lemme know! Story sounds good can't wait to see it