PFFT! Dream Gone.

2010-11-25 03:22:45 by mushu55t

I might not be getting said keyboard... CONFOUND MY BLASTED MOTHER!

So, I dunno if I'm getting said MIDI keyboard or not.

Though I did get my other one working again, and found MADTRACKER.

Madtracker is sweet, it makes music from VSTs and can import midis.

The most interesting feature is you can either sample existing instruments to use, creating an XM or you can remap MIDI to VST.

If you want an existing example of that, check out Universal Dynamo

Also, status update on the serina project, which you can check out here. My animator is gone, so, ColdReaver may not be animating, but I have a lot of support behind that and would love to have an animator volunteer him or her self to this.

If you want to animate this project, shoot me a PM. Thomas Vo, Mike, and Queen, as well as myself, will begin upping the pace.

Also, pending me getting some good MIDI recording software, I may start mixing up my own tracks using my ghetto CTK-533 and my computer.

Main Genre you ask? Why Techno and Electronic, of course! MadTracker comes with some MAD synths to begin with, so yeah. :D


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